My Kittens fur fell out and then she regrew it in another color that is now returning to its origina

My kitten (Raven) was born with long black fur but when she was 3 weeks old it fell out. she had a little fur left on her back, head, ears, legs, and her tail still had all its fur. Then in a month or two she regrew it but it was a bright silver color. Ever since then she has slowly been turning back to black. I was wondering what would cause that to happen?

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    What would cause the fur to fall out? Or what was causing the color change? I have never heard of a kitten losing it's fur until recently and that was an overdose of dewormer. The side effect is hair loss. Did you take her to the vet when she started going bald? But the color change is normal. They all have gradual changes throughout the first year. You just don't notice it as drastically because it's not usually coming in after a hair loss. It's usually just blending in with the normal growth. Two of my girls were shaved as kittens because of ringworm and their fur came back completely different too and now that they are full grown with full coats their colors are much ricker.
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    What do you think the cause of the hair loss was? Did you take her to the vet for treatment? Hair loss can come from a variety of causes including ringworm, which is contagious to people. I would recommend you take her to the vet now just to make sure she doesn't have ringworm bacteria on her skin that you could pick up. The colors change is normal though, ever since being spayed Natasha's belly fur has been a light orange color- it used to be more a brown color. During their first year, kittens are not only adjusting to their coat color genes, but also into their environment. Their true coat color will be expressed when they reach a year old.
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