my 4 month old kitten is sneezing and seems to have a stuffy nose. whats wrong?

my kitten, jasper, is 4 months old and he was just at the vet to get declawed and get a mite treatment. my vet didnt say anything about the sneezing or stuffed nose, and jasper was given a checkup. jasper only seems to have a little trouble with it when he wakes up. other then that he seems fine, he plays and runs around and purrs a lot. does he just have a cold?

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  • Rachael GabanskiRachael Gabanski Member Posts: 8
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    You know, it is cold season for cats. Many cats are sneezing about this time. You may want to check that there are no drafts in the house, since kittens have a greater possibility of getting colds. Moniter him carefully to be sure he doesn't get an upper resperitory. Symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, and discharge from the nose. If Jaspers symptoms get worse contact the vet.
  • Michelle KehrbergMichelle Kehrberg Member Posts: 224
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    Did your vet listen to his lungs and do bloodwork? Was he given antibiotics to ward off infection in his feet? I am assuming that he/she did because of the surgery, but you never know. Jasper needs to have a re-check. Colds in kittens as young as your Jasper can develop into pneumonia very, very quickly and it can kill them. Your vet should at the very least want to see Jasper back to check his feet for proper healing and he/she should not have performed the surgery with Jasper having a stuffed nose and sneezing.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Many times when a kitten or a cat is stressed, they will present with symptoms of a URI or upper respiratory infection (kitty cold). This can even happen from what was done to him during the surgery (intubation, etc.) and from the anesthesia, or possibly a cat in the next cage at the vet's who had a URI. He may have been fine when he left the vet's and the obvious symptoms didn't show up until he came home. Unfortunately, for a 12 wk. old kitten, it's not "just" a cold. Their lungs are so little they can't handle an infection like that very well and it quickly becomes worse. If your next appointment isn't for a while (even a few days) you might want to call your vet now and tell them what Jasper is doing. Even if he seems better when you take him back to have his feet checked (and to make sure the mites are gone) have your vet check his temperature, eyes and lungs. They will probably prescribe "Clavamox" which is an antibiotic. It's great stuff!
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