what to do with a still sneezing kitty that had been on clavamox for two weeks now medsis gone, stil

was given clavamox on two separae occassions ( 2 week period) for her sneezy, shes still sneezy this makes week 4 .. not sneezing as bad but still sneezy feline herpes was never discused...what are symptoms? she was adoopted from animal welare, just before turkey day. she was spayed,dewormed,checked for feline leukemia, and a shot for tapeworm... eye has cleared up wonderfulym she has very veryhealthy appetite just sneeeezy still

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Delilah was on Clavamox about a month ago for the same thing--no wheezing, but constant sneezing and a little bit of a watery left eye. After the antibiotics ran their course, she still sneezed occasionally. Is it possible that your kitty is picking up dust or maybe dryness in your house? This is the time of year for it, after all. If it' an allergy and not a URI, your kitty will continue to sneeze. In any case, remember we are just cat lovers here and not vets and we shouldn't diagnose or prescribe treatments. If you think your kitty is still somewhat ill, your best bet is to at least call your vet and share your concerns with them.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Has the vet discussed the possibility of feline herpes with you and has she been tested for FELV? Both of those things were suggested to me when Kira was having nose troubles but fortunately she just had a polyp in her nose which was removed and now she's fine. But both of those things would cause a cat to be unable to fight off upper respiratory infections though. My vet had also prescribed L-Lysine as a supplement which is an amino acid that helps cats with herpes virus fight off the symptoms. Another possibility is a stronger antibiotic. My vet sent me to CVS to purchase Zithromax when the Amoxicillin didn't work. It's about $50 and the vet has to call in the Rx, but it is stronger and works faster.
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