1 1/2 yr old cat acts like a vicious baby lion?

Allora MattsonAllora Mattson Devils LakeMember Posts: 13
My cat is a miniature cat. she is over a year old and weighs at the most 3 pounds, yet every other animal i have is terrified of her, even our big rottweiler. she will attack anything and everything. She is extremely hyper/crazy. I'm just wondering if she will ever grow out of this kitten like behavior? She is a really good cat, but just extremely playful and onery.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If what you say is correct, then she is not a "really good cat". She needs to be taught that attacking, which probably includes biting and clawing is not acceptable. She may eventually wind up at a shelter when she becomes too much to handle. If she is constantly attacking your dog and everything else as you say, then it sounds like it goes beyond the "kitten crazies" and at 1 1/2 years, she should be settling down anyway. Technically, she is no longer a kitten. If she has been taught that rough play is OK, then she will not outgrow it. It's probably not pleasant when you have visitors if they must be wary of her. If you want a well-behaved cat that is a pleasure to be around, then you need to examine how she's treated. Cats need a calm environment. They need to be played with, but not in a rough and tumble manner, especially with other animals as they can attack when they've truly "had enough." This sort of cat can also be a threat to children.
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