He's the new guy, but he's turned into a bully!

Now that Oliver has grown up (he is 10 months old), his play aggression towards my 2-year-old female cat has turned into outright bullying. He intimidates Juliette at every opportunity. Whenever she walks near him, he swipes at her with claws out. He won't let her on any surface he's on, and he will shove her off any surface she's already on. He also pounces on her, biting and clawing, and she hisses and yowls out in pain. She can't even come near him without him going insane and doing something to her that makes her upset. My girl has turned from a loving, talkative (but shy) sweetheart to a timid animal who hides a lot and even shies away when we try to give her affection. She was here first, so I'm sad she's been made to feel intimidated in her own home. I'm afraid there will always be a power struggle. Even I think they're bonding and Juliette starts grooming him, he will reach over and start attacking her, causing her to cry out and run away. Any advice would be great

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    it is possible to discipline a cat. I've heard on this site that the best way to handle a situation like your's is to take the offender, in this case Oliver, and put him in "time out" whenever he begins to bully Juliette. He will begin to associate being in a room by himself for a few minutes with picking on Juliette and it may change his attitude. You can't use a spray bottle because you will also spray Juliette and she's done nothing to deserve it. Yelling at Oliver will produce the same result because Juliette won't understand that you aren't reprimanding her. You need to act quickly and remove Oliver as soon as he swipes at Juliette. If Oliver is not neutered, you must do this before any headway can be made. Likewise if Juliette isn't spayed. You also need to observe these two to make sure they aren't playing. When Izzie and Ernie used to "play", Ernie would shriek and carry on and you would have thought Izzie was murdering him.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    I agree with Izzie. If he's not neutered, make the appointment soon. It will help with some of the aggression by lowering his testosterone levels.
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