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Allora MattsonAllora Mattson Devils LakeMember Posts: 13
i was just wondering if anyone else's cat liked jumping onto shoulders? Olivia spends probably 3 hours a day on mine or someone else's shoulders. She just jumps right up and lays down. lol she never scratches or anything, she just likes the height maybe? anyone else have a cat like this?

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Mine all did that when they were babies but fortunately outgrew it as they became adults. You're lucky Olivia is a small kitty because I can't imagine it would be much fun with my Chelsea who is 9 1/2 pounds. Right now, only the baby, Blaze likes to sit on shoulders. She also nuzzles up into my neck up against my face to take a nap while I watch tv and sleep next to my head on my pillow at night. Another little trick that won't be much fun when she gets bigger. MOL It's nice that Olivia likes her people so much that she wants to ride on their shoulders.
  • Karina GressKarina Gress Member Posts: 402
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    Howie has always loved to sit on shoulders. When he was a teeny baby he'd curl up with his head pressed against my cheek. Now that he's a big guy, he'll drape around my neck like a shawl. He'll hang on, purring like mad, while I putter around the house, and will grab onto my shirt if I try to pull him off. I think cats like to see the world as their special humans do. :-)
  • Mickie VestMickie Vest Cincinnati/Reading OhioMember Posts: 154
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    We don't any more but Mom saw a guy at Petsmart walking around with his cat on his shoulders. It was an amazing thing to see. You don't usually see cats at Petsmart anyway and this one wasn't contained in any way.
  • E LaucksE Laucks Member Posts: 1
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    We have two cats from the same litter and our girl cat is OBSESSED with riding on our shoulders. The minute we get home she starts crying and then jumps up onto the counter and starts hopping up on her 2 back feet to show us she wants to get on our shoulders. All we have to do is slightly bend forward and she hops right on. Once she's up there she goes right to work rubbing her face all over our shoulders, neck and face. She will stay up there for a good twenty minutes, sometimes longer, before we nudge her off. We are glad to hear that other cats out there are just as strange as our little Bast.
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