Should I be happier than this?

Lynda Van EttenLynda Van Etten Menands, NYMember Posts: 707
I'm a recently-neutered 8 year old former semi-feral orange kitty who has FIV. All I do is sleep and eat. When I first got here I did the same thing, sleep and eat...but when my new mommy got in bed I walked on top of her, kneaded, gave headbonks and purred. I still purr for her, but I no longer come and give headbonks or knead. If I haven't seen her in hours I purr too to tell her I missed her but that's about it. She tries to pet me while I'm sleeping but I walk away. Now mommy is wondering if I'm happy or not....she wants what's best for me. Can anyone help us? PS The lady she got me from said she'd let me outside again if she got me back, so mommy would rather not do that. Mommy loves me and I love mommy. PSS I've lived with my new mommy for one month.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If you haven't been to the vet recently, it might not be a bad idea to go. Although sick kitties hide and you didn't say you're hiding. Since you were an outdoor kitty,you might miss being outside, but don't go back out there cause my brofur got hit by a car last August and I still miss him. Does your mommy play with you? Maybe if you got one of those "Cat Dancer" or "Da Bird" toys at PetsMart, you and mommy could reconnect. Tell Mommy not to be sad. When you are neutered, your body does go through a lot of changes. You may decide at some time in the future that you want to cuddle with mom again.
  • Amy GeduldigAmy Geduldig QueensMember Posts: 26
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    I'm a 10-year-old semi-feral that Mom adopted 2 years ago. I never really lived among people, though I knew they fed me. When I first arrived, I was terrified of everything. Now 2 years later, I sleep with Mom and ask for petting, but I still can't be picked up or paid too much attention to, otherwise I get scared and run away. Feral cats have an instinctual fear of people. Semi-feral know that people are generally good, but are stilil scared of them. If you once headbonked your mom, chances are pretty likely you'll do it again. I've found that sometimes things will happen that will make me act like I did when I first came here, but after a few days, I go back to my normal self. I think your Mom is doing a great job!! Just let her know it will take a lot of patience, but that you're happy, even if you don't always show it with physical contact.
  • H PH P Member Posts: 5
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    Your mom should try playing with you with toys that don't require close proximity, maybe a string or a long feather or a laser pointer. Playtime encourages bonding. Also, tell your mom not to give up. It took me 4 years before I finally tolerated being held by my mom, and around 6 months before I'd let her cuddle with me. After the vet checks you out and gives you a clean bill of health (other than the FIV), remember you are going thru a life changing transition. It takes time to adjust to your new surroundings and the trauma you suffered on the outside is gone, but it will take time for you to fully realize it and you'll come out of your shell eventually.Tell you mommy not to give up and you just need some time, patience, and understanding because this is all so new to you, this nice mommy and love that you didn't have before.
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