Is it ok to take your cat back and forth to different homes?

I just got a kitten and was wondering if I could take him to my boyfriend's house when I choose to sleep there. I know cats can be territorial, so I'm not sure if it will mess with their head taking them back and forth like that? I was thinking that if I start doing this at a young age, it will be ok and the kitten will get used to it?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    As long as you are there with him, it should be OK. A good idea would be to let the kitten sleep in the same room or even in bed with you. Make sure wherever your kitten is, the place is kitten proof and keep an eye on him. Use the same litter and food in both places. If there are other animals, you will need to supervise them with the kitten at all times. Always travel with your kitten in a carrier as they can get in trouble in a car and could cause an accident.
  • Allyson ModulaAllyson Modula Member Posts: 1
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    OMG yes. I have a persian named Nikko. I had him going back and forth to my mom's house when he was only 8 weeks old. He is great. Nikko is now over a year old and he has never had any problems. If I am up to spend time with my family over the weekend Nikko comes along and he does just great. I would never leave an animal home sorry there is no point in getting an animal if you can not take them with you. I know cats are fine being home for short times I still do not feel comfortable about it. Nikko has never been left home by himself not even for an over night. I always bring him up to my mom's if I go away on vacation or weekend trips. Just like the last post said it would be great to keep the litter and food the same but Nikko has a different litter box at "grandma's" and he still does great. Dont worry about it your kitten will do great.
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