I adopted a 13 wk old kitten and after 3 days she got sick. Ever since then she has seemed withdrawn

I adopted a 13wk old kitten from a shelter & she came down with an upper respiratory problem. She was coughing, sneezing & had a runny nose so on day 6 I took her to the vet & they gave her Azithromyein & prescribed food. Although she was sick she still seemed playful & curious. By day 7 the coughing was so bad that she had diarrhea everytime she coughed, vomited green liquid and stopped eating. On day 8 I took her back to the vet & they kept her in overnight & gave her Metronidazole. It is now day 12, the coughing, diarrhea & vomiting have gone but shes still sneezing/runny nose. Back on day 8 the vet said she'd has lost weight & I have to get her to eat more but she'l barely touch anything! She is drinking water tho. Also her mood has completely changed, she sleeps ALL day/night, no longer enjoys being held and seems withdrawn. Is this all normal for a 13 wk kitten to act this way? How can I get her to eat more?Ive tried prescribed wet food, dry food, wet food & treats!

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    It's not normal and it sounds like she is still sick. She may not be able to smell her food because her nose is runny/blocked and cats often won't eat if they can't smell. Try warming up her food a bit and giving her the smelliest wet food to see if that will tempt her to eat. You may need to hand feed her and could try a suppliment like Nutrical. Put some food/nutrical on your finger and smear it on the roof of her mouth a little bit at a time. If you can't get her to eat you need to call the vet. The vet can also give you meds to improve her appetite (such as cyproheptadine) or a decongestant (such as chloropheniramine) which may help her get better. Call your vet and describe how she's doing and ask if this is normal or if you need to bring her back for more treatment. It does take a couple of weeks for cats to get over respiratory infections but they can get secondary infections like pneumonia so its good to check with the vet in case she needs more treatment.
  • diane palmieridiane palmieri Member Posts: 2
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    this sounds like feline herpes, same symptoms as my cat has. keep it inside away from other cats, syptoms usually subside somewhat, but, i did have a cat with this that sneezed all the time all over everything(gross)! Eating- try juice from tuna on top of his dry/wet food. Also was he checked for leukemia (for the tiredness)? Good Luck! Diane
  • susan parteesusan partee JonesboroMember Posts: 7
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    I adopted a kitten around the same age and we noticed all she did was sleep all the time and hardly ate anything. She begain sneezing with mucus flying out of her nose within a week of bringing her home. Took her to the vet and she had a very bad upper respiratory infection. It took over 2 weeks for her to get over it. She was a totally different cat once she was better. I would keep in close contact with my vet. As she gets better she should perk up and get more active.
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