Why are my cats fighting now that they have been fixed

I have a 5 year old female cocker spaniel, and 2 four month old tabby cats one male and one female in the house. The two cats were fixed today and now that they are home they are fighting. Both are perfectly okay with attention from people and our dog, but if one of them even looks at the other from a close enough distance they begin hissing and meowing and if they get close (which we are trying to prevent) they fight. I'm just wondering if this is normal and what i can do about it. If it is normal how long will it last? They've been together since they were born and have never had this problem.

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  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Each one of them smells like vet to the other. If you think their reaction is bad, imagine if only one cat had gone to the vet, and the other picked on him/her. That's what happened when I got spayed and my older (neutered) brother objected to the vet smell. He hissed at me for three days. He then got over the smell, but got mad at me because I was not feeling up to playing like usual. This was a big change of routine for both of us. But we eventually went back to normal. By all means keep them separated for a few days, and monitor them carefully. It might be that one is still feeling pretty sick, and the other cat senses it. If in doubt, call your vet and mention what's happening. S/he knows the pets better than I would, and might have more suggestions on what's going on.
  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    My two girls were grouchy with each other for a couple days after their spay surgeries.They both smelled funny like "that horrible place" to each other and they were sore and achy and tired and both wanted the warm comfy place in the house (on top of the stereo) They should be back to loving each other in a few days. Just make sure that they don't kick at each other's tummies if they get in a scuffle so they don't harm their wounds. Give them extra love and a couple cozy blankets to sit on seperatly.
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