My 5 month old male cat just started peeing on the bed and on the carpet. Also, he humps things, esp

Fiona MacleanFiona Maclean PickeringtonMember Posts: 4
I have never had a cat hump things like this one - does he just have a LOT of testosterone? I just wondered if it was related. Anyway, no problem with the peeing til a couple days ago. He is not spraying - and just took a huge pee on the bed. Would it help to get him fixed a month early?

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  • Kerri ZimmermanKerri Zimmerman WinnipegMember Posts: 448
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    Phone the vet and ask if you could get him fixed at 5 months. If you can - then you should get him in now.
  • Tallulah MagoffinTallulah Magoffin CairnsMember Posts: 7
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    I totally agree with below. Thats why you have them fixed so they don't do such behaviours.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Yes, get him fixed now. We used to be told to wait til 6 months old but research has shown that cats can be fixed as young as 2 months old / 2 pounds in weight. Most vets should be OK with neutering a 5 month old cat especially since he has obviously hit puberty already :-) Ask the vet about the peeing too as its possible he could have a urinary tract infection since he's peeing and not spraying.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It's perfectly OK to have your cat neutered now. When I was with an animal rescue organization, we always did juvenile spays and neuters on our kittens because we couldn't trust people to have them fixed on their own. There were almost no health issues with fixing a young animal. It sounds like his hormones are in overdrive. Are you sure he's peeing and not spraying? Spraying looks like "spatter" and peeing is a puddle. Mention to your vet about a URI, though as he will not be able to be neutered if he has one until it's cleared up.
  • Leena KejuLeena Keju FortSmithMember Posts: 24
    Accepted Answer
    Yes get him fixed now the vet will most likely agree, he has probably developed a little bit sooner than some male cats and this should help with the peeing problem. I would do it now before he starts spraying because once they start spraying it is almost impossible to get them to not spray again. Best of Luck- Pierre and Leena
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