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Okay, female cat in heat now she is gone. Help

I'm going to elaborate from my last question. This stray female has been at our house outside for a year now and she is in heat and now she is gone. The food I put out this morning is still there untouched, and no sign of her anywhere we live in the country. I usually see or hear her everyday. She was jsut here yesterday. I have no idea when she left. There was a few kernals of food left from yesterday. Don't know if she finished it last night or early this morning. It snowed this am at 6:30 but there are no signs of fresh tracks to so which way she went, but she is gone for now. I can't take her indoors because I have 8 cats since they were kittens and they are 10-12 yrs old, and very territorial.,They are all altered since forever. I will trap her and get her fixed asap when she comes back. They can abort pregnancies in cats, I had to do that once. This has been her home, with food and warmth and shelter in the barn for a year now? Do you think she will return. Miss her

Best Answers

  • Leena KejuLeena Keju FortSmithMember Posts: 24
    Accepted Answer
    Cats are really tough, I am sure she will return it may take a few days but she probably will. I am praying for you because I have went through the same situation. If you are really super worried do what I would do...get on your gear grab a flash light if needed and a small blanket to wrap her in if you find her. Start searching in trees and ditches along the road. If the worst has happened be prepared. If you have neighbors near by maybe they have taken her in. Make sure you check around the outside of house and in barn thoroughly. Go on a Search, thats what I would do. Praying for you- Leena and Pierre P.S. IF u have a catster account add me as pal and keep me updated. If not click on my cats pic in the answers I think it'll take you to my page. I would like to hear from you on updates- Love Pierre Henry
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    I was never as shocked and amazed as when my Ernie was gone for a weekend and then, on Monday, casually strolled in the door with the dogs when they came back in. If you have been feeding/caring for her, she sees your home as her home as well and will most likely return when she's good and ready. Keep in contact with your local law enforcement and animal control officer as well as local shelters, rescues and pounds. (Lists in your area are in the phone book or online) to make sure no one has picked her up and turned her in. Cats sometimes go to a few different places to eat and hang out and someone may just have trapped her. You're right, if she's pregnant she can be aborted and then she'll probably hang around more. We'll be purring for her and for you. Please keep us updated!
  • Kathleen BKathleen B CincinnatiMember Posts: 135
    Accepted Answer
    If she is in heat, she's probably out with the males getting pregnant. My outside "fosters" have been known to go away for a day or two even up to a week while I worry about them. She will likely turn up soon. It's good to know you have 8 cats, me too.
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