My kitten is in heat and my nuetered male is bullying her!

Sophie is about 10 months old I would guess and I believe she is in heat. I am planning on getting her spayed, but I want to wait a couple months. First question, is there anything I can do to help her? I also have 2 nuetered males and one is bullying her all of a sudden. The first, Jester, has been with us for as long as Sophie has and they get along just fine. Sam on the other hand I just adopted from outside a few weeks ago and he is becoming very mean to her now. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Or should I keep them separated until she is no longer in heat?

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  • Cecilia CretaroloCecilia Cretarolo PortlandMember Posts: 267
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    I doubt that the bullying has much to do with her being in heat but you should get her spayed ASAP anyway. Cats can be fixed as soon as they reach 2 pounds and the optimal age is around 6 months. Sam is most likely being mean to her in an attempt to create a pecking order. I have a 4 cat household so there is at least one scuffle a day since cats never establish a solid hierarchy. Unless he's seriously hurting her or keeping her away from food, water, or the litter box, don't interfere with them. They will figure it out on their own terms.
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    I think I would separate them if it were me. As to the bullying, tho, have you ever seen cats mate. If not, let me let you in on something. The interaction looks BRUTAL from housecats right on up to the big cats. It looks like the male is attacking the female, but this is just the way it's done. However, unless you've seen this ALOT, it's really hard to tell how serious it is. Indeed, I think separating them is best. Here is another thing to think about. If you don't separate them and your males get into it with each other, it will indeed get brutal. Some male cats will kill other male cats over females in heat if they can't chase them out of their territory! When a cat goes primal, they can no longer see past that state of mind to recognize friendship. My cat has even attacked ME while in such a state and he loves me to no end! Not all fixed males know their fixed.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    "I am planning on getting her spayed"? When? Why haven't you done it up until now? If there are financial concerns, there are cheap spay options. First spay her pronto, and then see what happens. If the behavior persists, consult again.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    I think I agree with Calypso that this might be the new cat trying to establish dominance. Unless it gets really nasty, I wouldn't get involved. Definitely have Sophie fixed. It's better for her for so many reasons.
  • Zinnia HannaZinnia Hanna Member Posts: 26
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    If she is getting hurt then i think you need to separate them . I don't think cats need to get spayed to young it can be bad for there health but 10 months is old enough . Just make sure she is safe. Good luck:)
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