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In my previous question I stated that I was just short of putting my kitty outside due to urinating

I don't like to let my cats outside. I would rather deal with the urination problem and not the added risk of all the other negative aspects of letting them out. That was just my way of venting my frustration. Please stop telling me not to put her out.

Best Answers

  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    Accepted Answer
    Inappropriate elimination is the number one reason for relinquishing cats to shelters. I myself have had to rehome a cat because it refused to use the same toilets as the other resident cat. So I understand your frustration. Do what you can to solve the situation (Catster is a great resource), and then see what prevails. If you look at the Catster archives, you will find that inappropriate elimination is a common problem (too common!) for cat owners. Apologies for focusing on the outdoor problem rather than the cause. Good luck.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    We're sorry if you were annoyed with us by our answers to your previous question. But, you did mention that you were "just short of" putting her out. We had no way of knowing if you were serious or not. Now you have said that you were simply 'venting" your frustration and not really serious. We also had no way of knowing that you were just "venting' as we took you at your word. After your further explanation, we understand where you were coming from. Leila is right. This is the #1 reason for rehoming. We had only your question to go on and when you wrote that your cat is not yet spayed, it set off alarm bells with us. We hope that your kitty's problems work themselves out, that you chat with your vet about how you can solve these problems and that you do get your kitty spayed as soon as you can. Once again, our apologies if you were insulted or irritated by our responses.
  • Accepted Answer
    The 1st thing U should do is rule out a UTI (urinary tract infection) with your vet. My cat began not using his box once and I'd heard cats sometimes do that if they have a UTI. I took him to the vet and, sure enough, he did. What I find most amazing about the whole thing is he didn't continue going out of his box till his infection cleared up. He immediately went back to using his box as soon as I got him got him home from the vet. If that isn't a show of intellect, I'll eat my shoe! Come to think of it, there could B other health issues which would prompt your cat to B trying to get your attention. Go see your vet to rule out or treat health issues. lf your vet finds nothing, locate a vet that specializes N cats. If he/she finds nothing, find a cat behaviorist. I wish there was a Cat Whisperer as good with cats as Cesar Millan is with dogs! Good luck! I hope U get the answers U need!
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    Accepted Answer
    As Izzie stated we didn't know this was only your way of venting. There are far too many people that would let their cat outside. Behavioral problems are the most common reason for giving up cats (or dumping them). I did answer your question. I'll answer it again. Short and to the point...You need to have the vet examine her and get a urinalysis. If there is no infection then you need to talk to your vet about behavior modification. You should have your cat spayed if she is over 4 months of age.
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