Regarding cow-hocked Maine Coon

I just wanted to add that, although I am ignorant of the incidence of this deformity, I suspect it is a heritable rather than a randomly occurring trait. Which would lead me to suspect that the breeder in question has other cats with this genetic trait in their gene pool. Bless you for adopting a less than perfect cat, and praise be that the breeder didn't charge you, but a reliable breeder is expected to "retire" animals that have any form of physical abnormality (really obsessive show breeders phase out cats that are perfect specimens of their breeds, but don't have the preferred "look" of that cattery). You might want to consult with us on the Forums, where we can give more detailed answers, but to my mind, a breeder who produces "cow-hocked" cats is suspect. There are other conditions that breeders tend to fudge on--coronavirus titres, HCM, etc., but I tend to doubt the quality of a breeder who would produce cats with obvious deformities. But--love your cat, and do your best.
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