My cat Stinky is all black. He turned 8 years old on January 16th, 2009 - and he doesn't listen. Thi

Shania NavarroShania Navarro Show Low, AZMember Posts: 2,731
My cat Stinky is all black. He turned 8 years old on January 16th, 2009 - and he doesn't listen. This may mean he may be deaf -- but then on the other hand he may just be stubborn. When I pet his head, he winces away and runs and lowers his ears down. I'm not too experienced with disabilities in cats or other what does this mean..does deafness affect and hurt??

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Deafness does not hurt. He may have a chronic ear infection or ear mites if he winces in pain when you pet his ears. I would have a vet check that out. Most cats do not listen unless they choose to. Mine all hear fine and come running for the treat can if I shake it but they only come when called if it is convenient for them at that moment and they are not too busy napping. (except for Chelsea, for some reason, she comes no matter who i am calling) To test if Stinky is deaf, just try making an unexpected noise when he is not looking. Tap a spoon on a ceramic tile floor or even shake the treat can and see if he responds.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    99% of cats have selective hearing, mine included. They come when called if they feel like it and if there is food or treats waiting for them at the other end. 8 yrs. old isn't that old for a kitty when cats can live to be 25. The ear-lowering may indicate that at some point he may have been smacked by someone (not you). I know that most animals don't like to be petted on the top of their heads. They can't see the hand coming and don't know if it's going to be a friendly pet or a smack. Try approaching Stinky from the front where he can see your hand. Also, if Stinky hasn't been to the vets in a while, it may be time to take him for a well-cat check, at which time you should mention this behavior to your vet. Btw, my daghter's Cleo always puts her ears down when you pet her, but she doesn't run away. Most cats don't like to have their ears touched.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    In catdom, there's a BIG difference between hearing and listening. Sometimes they hear you, but they just don't care. MOL I'd have him checked by the vet if you're concerned about his ears, but as Allie said, deaf doesn't hurt, but lots of other things do. It might be that he just doesn't want to be petted on his head, or it could be something else. To put your mind at ease, I'd call the vet.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Stinky's probably got another 10+ years left in him and isn't really old yet, he's more like middle aged. If the wincing and running away is new it could be the sign of a medical issue like a bad tooth or an ear infection/mites. So if its new take him to the vet but if he's always done it he's just being a typical cat.
  • Myndi DavisMyndi Davis LehiMember Posts: 215
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    You can test her to see if she is deaf. Wait until she is calm and resting, and her head is turned away from you so she doesn't directly see you, then clap your hands. This will surprise her and if she turns to look or turns her ears behind her-she hears. But if she doesn't respond to the loud noise, she could be deaf. Deafness isn't painful and she most likely lost her hearing little by little-rather than all at once. So she would have slowly adjusted to the lack of hearing, and it won't affect her way of life. Just make sure she is an indoor only cat. Deaf cats live normal lives (though they shouldn't go outside because it could be dangerous). If she hasn't had a check up for a few years, you should have a physical done by your veterinarian. 8 yrs is considered geriatric so your veterinarian will check her for cataracts and do bloodwork to check her kidney and liver function.
  • Emily BottenhornEmily Bottenhorn Candler/AshevilleMember Posts: 42
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    He might have an ear infection.
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