why my cat is not eating normally.

my 8 years old cat used to eat regular. in fact he have a pretty good appetite. but now he just don't eat as much. in fact he only eat a little food and some time nothing at all. he don't eat dry food often anymore. he prefer treats. some time i would feed him cook chicken, he would continue eat that for a week and the following week refuse to eat it.

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Cats can be pretty fickle when it comes to what they like. He may just be tired of the food you have. Or else he may have a medical problem that is causing him to not want to eat. I would start out by tempting him with some nice smelly canned cat food and see if he gets interested. But if not, you need to see a vet. He may have a problem smelling, cats sometimes won't eat if they can not smell it. He may have a problem with his teeth and gums that is making it painful to eat. Or he may have other intestinal issues. If he is not just deciding to become a picky eater, then only a vet will be able to tell you what is wrong.
  • Myndi DavisMyndi Davis LehiMember Posts: 215
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    The fact that he is not eating like usual make me think he has a medical issue. If this is the same food he has been eating for a while, there shouldn't be a reason why he wouldn't like it anymore. If he hasn't had a dental cleaning done by a veterinarian, I would bet it is an issue with his teeth. Without dental care, he would have serious dental calculus and tooth decay at this age. He could have an abscessed tooth causing him pain-this would make him shy away from dry kibble and want soft canned food or treats. You would most likely notice stinky, foul breath and drooling. It would be a good idea to have him seen by a vet because lack of appetite can be a symptom of many different problems. At the age of 8yrs, they are considered geriatric. Your vet will recommend bloodwork to rule out kidney or liver failure. (You may notice stinky breath or yellowing of the eyes, gums, or skin inside the ears). If he is not eating enough to the point he is loosing weight, have him seen immediately
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