m howling male ragdoll of 7 mths gone off food

sharon oshaughnessysharon oshaughnessy dudley west midlandsMember Posts: 3
not eating as much

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    Without knowing or examining a cat, I don't think anyone can give you more than a potluck guess. Having said that, when a cat stops eating, this can be a very SERIOUS thing. I had a cat once, to stop eating, go past the point of no return, (which only took 2 days) and we lost her cause we couldn't get her to eat again. The vet said this is a problem which, unfortunately, is not altogether uncommon in cats who stop eating. Now if any of my cats ever change from healthy appetite to less than a healthy appetite, he/she goes to the vet ASAP. Good luck!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Go to the vet. You have spent the money on a purebred cat (one supposes)--a vet visit is not that expensive. Regarding cats not eating and dying soon--I had a brother/sister pair who were totally inseparable. She died at 15 years, and her brother stopped eating. I hand fed him boiled chicken white meat (mind you, these were cats who ate only Science Diet kibble) for a few days, and he came back to life. I honestly think he wanted to follow her to the Rainbow Bridge. This happens with humans, too. My mother predeceased my father, and when the friends who were sort of looking after him hadn't had any contact for a week or so, they decided to investigate, and found him in his easy chair, basically in a coma. He hadn't eaten for days. And the father of a friend of mine literally starved himself to death after the death of his wife. Okay, this was off topic. But you know enough to realize that not eating is not only a bad signal, it can mean death. Take Kitty to the vet.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    This is a really young kitty to stop eating. At 7 months, Izzie was eating me out of house and home. You don't give much detail (you can post your question in more detail in the box below the "subject" one.) Your cat, if not neutered, probably has other things on his mind besides eating. If you don't plan to breed him (if he is truly a purbred) please have him neutered. You'll see a big change in his personality. The howling will stop (this is the #1 reason he's howling if he's not fixed.) If he IS neutered and he's howling, he may have hurt himself and needs to go to the vet as he may be crying in pain. Ragdolls are historically easy going couch potato cats. This is not normal behavior for your cat. Bottom line is, as was said, you need to take your cat to a vet who can examine him face to face, chat with you about his behavior, make a professional diagnoses and suggest treatment. Unfortunately, we can't do any of those things over the Internet.
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