My roomate has a fixed female cat. Why does she only urinate on my things?

She is fixed. I have one female roomate and two male her owner is male. She has a tendency to urinate more when I am more affectionate with her and or give her treats. She urinates on "my" seat of the couch and my clothes and shoes. Typically any area I spend a lot of time in or around that she has access to.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The easiest fix would be to make sure you don't leave your things lying about. Close the door to your room, put coats and shoes in a closet and close that door as well. If you don't leave anything around that smells like you, you won't give her an opportunity to mark it. If this kitty does what's called "headbonking" or rubbing her head on your chair, you or your clothes, don't stop her. Cats won't urine mark where they've deposited the pheromones that are in their necks. Rub a towel all over her then put it where you sit. Her scent will be on that towel and she won't feel the need to mark there. If you use a good amount of cologne, body spray or lotion, leave off for a while. She may be attracted to that scent and feel the need to mark. When she does mark, wash clothes in hot water and bleach if ossible to remove ALL urine scent. Lastly, you may want to ask her owner to check with the vet to make sure she has no medical issues and at that time, consult with them about her behavior.
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