My kitten achillies was diagnoised w FIP.

i understand there is no clear confirmation other than a biopsy. i m wondering if by some miricale its not FIP what could it be and what are the chances hes any better off. thank you. also he has diarria on and off 4 3 months doesnt seem to be in pain eats 4 the most part... in otherwords im finding it hard to assume its fip bc it is the dry form (no fluid accumilation anywhere) im finding it hard to get any good sign that he has it full on 4 now anyway. im extremely frustrated and it would be nice to hear any imput from the lucky few who were misdiagnosied.

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Whoa....none of us are vets here, and other Catsters can give you better answers. "Diagnosed with FIP"? Does that mean that the coronavirus titre was high? In that case, Achillies can have a fluctuating titre, and never develop FIP at all. From your post, it sounds like he's had an official diagnosis for FIP, but as for coronavirus--it is VERY common--probably over 50% of cats have it, and it is especially common with cats who live in multi-cat households (it's passed on through feces), shelters, and catteries. This probably did not answer your question--but coronavirus titres and FIP are not always related. The coronavirus mutates to FIP--sometimes. If that is the case with your cat, my heart is with you. You can find information about FIP on Catster. My prayers are with you and your cat!
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