Why does our cat follow us outside?

It's not a big emergency, but I'm just curious about this. Our cat is almost 8 years old, and we've had her since she was about 1. Over the last few years, she has taken to following us when she's outside. For example, I go out for a walk, and she just hops along happily. When I stop for her, she circles and meows. She doesn't react well to attempts to shoo her away, and usually needs to be guided back inside the house patiently. I appreciate her company, but I obviously don't want to guide her too far from home, especially not near the railway or the big road, as she might get lost or endangered. Is there any explanation for this behaviour? I put this under the "Separation anxiety" header, but I have no idea if it has to do with that.

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    I've heard of other cats who do that. I don't think it's separation anxiety, but a sign of affection and playfulness. She might be willing to learn to use a harness and leash--and then you wouldn't have to worry about her escaping. I'm sure that you're aware that a cat who goes outside is more likely to get fleas than indoor-only cats, but letting your cat out is your personal decision.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    My son's outdoor cat also does this. When my son takes his Lab for a walk down to the field, Cole goes along. While my son plays Frisbee with his dog, Cole hunts in the bushes and brings my son anything he catches. When it's time to go home, my son calls "C'mon boys" and they all toddle happily back home. Now, I don't approve of outdoor kitties as I lost one on the road last summer, but you didn't ask for our permission, only "why does she do this". I think it's a desire to be part of "the furmily".
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