Why does Diego always bite and scratch me so much that blood comes out when i touch him?

I wanted to pat Diego and he had bit me and scrached my on my finger that blood came out and i still hadn't gave him a bath .. what could be wrong? HELP!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Does it seem like he is trying to be mean or like he is playing? Kittens need to be taught that human hands are not for biting and scratching. When they play with their littermates, that is how they play. But you need to teach him proper behavior with humans. Never let him play with your hands. Not even in a glove or under a blanket. (killing the "monster" under the blanket is fun, I let mine do that, but not until after they have learned their manners) Get him some toys like a feather stick and little mousies or other things that are appropriate to play with. When he behaves aggressively, you need to tell him NO and set him down and refuse to give any attention until he stops. You can also ask your vet to show you how to keep his claws trimmed. Cats are pretty easy. As long as you only take off the hook on the end, you can avoid cutting into the quick and hurting him. But it's best if somebody shows you the first time.
  • Julie VentrigliaJulie Ventriglia Member Posts: 2,923
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    Kittens learn their manners best from each other, they play really rough sometimes. Have you considered getting another kitten for him to play with? It would be an excellent way for him to learn social skills.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Sounds like Diego has a good, healthy case of the kitten crazies. He just needs to learn some manners. Like the PP said, give him a good stern NO! when he attacks your hands and give him an acceptable alternative to play with. Oscar's favorite toys are strings, stuffed mousies and the laser pointer. If Diego is an indoor cat, he's not going to need a bath just a whole lot. Oscar's an indoor guy too and I usually only have him groomed twice a year. He gets nail trims and brushes regularly, but not a bath per se.
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