I have tried frontline for flea control on my inside cats didnt work I am about to try advantage wil

I am going crazy with fleas I have 2 cats that are inside cats but sometimes sneak outside and come back invested I have treated the outside and im about to treat my cats again and the inside of my house will advantage work or should i try something else my vet suggested frontline and it did not work.

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  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New ZealandMember Posts: 2,511 ✭✭✭
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    Frontline is usually quiet good. I have used Frontline, Advantage & Revolution. Fleas can live in the environment for a very long time, if not years, until someone comes along vibrating the ground alerting the flea to hatch. Boo-boo could have found an area that is infested with them. You may have to flea bomb your house?. Normally the frontline etc. should last up to a month. It could also be new fleas that may jump on, but die a short time later after feeding. I'm always carefully what I put on my kitties and always use the stuff you can buy at the vet clinics. Never in the local shops, as it is a poison & can hurt your kitty, (I've seen skin reactions even in a normal does). I admit it is necessary to treat fleas, as I have also seen a kitty die from anaemia because it was infested in fleas (It was a 11 month old Persian). So I'd check whether the fleas are dying or healthy, & yes try Advantage or Revolution, as the others may have a better reaction on the fleas. Do you worm too?
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    Hi! First keep your cats inside if they are inside cats, however they are sneaking out, please try and fix it where they won't , that way you can treat your home and treat your cats to a flea bath then hopefully the fleas will be gone in a few weeks and if it doesn't work once, wait a little while and try it again but every time they sneak out, they will probably pick up fleas again, hope this helps!!
  • Christina MitalaChristina Mitala Member Posts: 3
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    I have three indoor cats and I used to live in FL. I had a dog at the time and she would always bring them in and they would find their way to the cats. It drove me absolutely nuts but eventually I got rid of them and this is what I did. I tried Frontline but it did absolutely nothing. I started using Advantage and it was like night and day. But FIRST, I had to take care of my apartment. I vacuumed every square inch, washed all my sheets, dusted furniture, and continued to make vacuuming a daily thing. Then, I gave all 3 of them a bath(only about 1 inch of water) using flea shampoo (oh, was that fun), then combed them all with a flea comb (while in the bath), dried them off, and applied the Advantage. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it was successful! Good luck and try to keep them from sneaking outside. Luckily for me my cats HATE even when I open the door! I hope that helped! :)
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