My cat gets into fights & comes home with bites, etc. Is Vit E oil an appropriate healer?

Claudia GuayClaudia Guay PlymouthMember Posts: 1
My cat just loves it when I brush him every day, he just lies there all stretched out, turns from side to side, lets me check him for ticks, etc. -- so when I put the Vit E oil on his skin where he has a bite mark, he starts purring. My mother used to do this for our cat when I was younger so I figured it was okay.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Vitamin E probably won't hurt your kitty, but if he should encounter a sick cat and fight with it, the vitamin has no antiseptic qualities and he could contract an infection from the wound. I'd suggest that you continue to to vigilant in looking him over when he comes home and watch those bites. If they seem puss-filled, red, weepy or look infected, get him to the vets. And, if he's not neutered, you may also want to consider that as it will not only cut down on the fighting, but make his contribution to the overwhelming overpoplulation of unwanted cats in our country today impossible.
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    You really should be keeping your cat indoors if he's getting into fights. Constantly having scratches and bruises on his body is weakening his immune system and will shorten his life span. I would suggest that you only let him outdoors while he's supervised and only during daylight hours. In the meantime, Vitamin E oil won't do much for his scratches, you should get an antibiotic ointment from your veterinarian to put on his scratches to prevent infections and abcesses from forming. I don't think it's too terribly expensive- and it's worth not having to go into the vet to have the costly treatment of an abcess done.
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