Help! Cats are excreting everywhere! What can I do?

Randi DoaneRandi Doane LondonderryMember Posts: 13
I am one of 4 cats that my "parents" have. My mom rescued me and my sister from a bad situation. My sister and I are not fixed, but getting fixed June 1st. The other 2 cats are both fixed. But after 2 1/2months, my mom thought that we would both be using the litter box. I have a tendency to pee in the baby's bed, my sister pees on the counters and just recently my mom's oldest cat (who's only 2) started peeing in places other than the litter box. What happened and how can she fix this?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    This could be "marking" since some of the cats are not fixed yet. Even altered cats will mark if they see another cat marking their territory. Cats pee out of the box for two main reasons. One is stress which could be from adding the "new" cats, and the other is a medical issue. When you take the cats to the vets to be spayed, please ask them to do a urine analysis to check for a bladder infection. It goes without saying that each cat needs it's own litter box and the boxes should be kept scrupulously clean. It's possible that they also don't like the choice of litter.
  •  Member Posts: 111
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    i would definitely get this checked out by a vet, even before you take them in to get fixed. it's probably just marking territory like the other user said, but it's always best to get their health checked by a vet first before start trying to fix a behavioral problem.
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