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How do i stop my neutered male cat from peeing in the house? He has ruined 3 apts. Help before he ru

Venkman is a 3 year old male, neutered tabby I adopted when he was 9 weeks. He marked my favorite pair of shoes when he was 8mo old & I had him neutered the week after. He had two incidents after that of him peeing in the bathtub but otherwise perfect. I moved when he was about a 1 1/2. My roommate's cat would pee on her clothes if she left them on the floor and after a few months, Venkman picked up the habit. I moved out after about 9mo but the habit has stuck with him. I make effort to keep clothes up but he started peeing on carpet. I moved a year later to a hardwood house (here now) hoping it would deter. It hasn't he still pees. And it's not backing up and marking, he just squats and pees on the floor. He has 3 litter boxes that I clean constantly. He's ruined 3 apartments! I can't let the house I bought smell too! Please help!

Best Answers

  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    Accepted Answer
    Have you ever followed up with a vet about this? It's possible that what he has is a UTI that has gone untreated for so long that it chronically flares up. The vet can also suggest what to do next if it doesn't turn out to be a medical problem. I would mention what those strategies are (what to use to clean the spots so that he does not return, how to retrain him to use his litterbox, kinds of litter you can use), but I would rather let your vet cover it. I will say this: if he has been sick with a UTI, you can do anything under the sun to make him stop, but he won't until he's healthy again. So ruling out a UTI is step one. After that, he might still be wary of the litter, which is why your vet can make good suggestions on how to get him to go where he's supposed to again...
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
    Accepted Answer
    I agree with what Gracie said about ruling out a health issue first. Then I would look into trying different kinds of litter. Maybe he doesn't like what you have. Wrong texture? Too scented? Not scented enough? Dr. Elsey' s litter has one called "cat attract" that is supposed to encourage them to use it. And I would also consider confining him to a restricted area of the house until he can be trained to use the litterbox ALL of the time. And clean the areas where he has peed really well with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle. With regular cleaners you are not removing the scent that he can smell and he will return to the same areas. And do not clean his litterboxes with anything that smells too strong like Pine Sol which may deter him from using it.
  • Maria KubikMaria Kubik MinneapolisMember Posts: 23
    Accepted Answer
    they are just giving you a text book answer again my cat does the same thing and it is behavior not health my cat picked it up when we moved in with his dad use a spray mechnism to keep him away from you clothes area and then a spray bottle for whenever you catch him its take about a month but they get it.
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