Why would my spayed cat suddenly pee right outside the litterbox door about once a week? I clean the

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Are you certain it's only once a week? Or could it be more frequently? Most cats are fastidious creatures. Usually the only reason they won't use their litter box is a health issue or stress. Take her to her vet and have her urine tested. Even if she was just there, vets don't usually check the kitty's urine unless there's a problem. She may not be able to make it to the box if she has an infection. And, clean the area thoroughly with Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution enzymatic cleaner (pet stores) to remove all traces of odor that will attract her back there. Also, make sure her box is cleaned daily and scrubbed once a week and fresh litter added. She may also have suddenly changed her mind and might now prefer an uncovered box.
  • Linda CouchLinda Couch Member Posts: 12
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    Frazzled felines will sometimes relieve their anxiety by urinating, or marking (spraying) outside the cat litter box. I found a very interesting article on CAT ANXIETY AND LITTER BOX PROBLEMS at http://askables.com/Knowledge/Posts/Askables/407/Cat-anxiety-and-litter-box-problems.html. It helped me when my little darling had a similar problem to your cat.
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