What should we do with Kitty?

Leslie BlackburnLeslie Blackburn KnoxvilleMember Posts: 5
When Kitty goes outside or is layin by the door, his hair puffs up, he starts makin this horrible sound(snortin and hissin), and smacks at us. He has gotten us pretty good too. My mom has a scar and i was pourin with blood from my wound. We have a hard time gettin him back in the house. We don't know what's up with him. He acts like he wants out then when he's out he acts like he wants in. What does he want and why does he act like that? I've never seen a cat do that before! Also, he acts like he's in heat but doesn't like any other cats. There are females comin to the door but he attacks them and tears them up. He has tried mating with my mom's arm, lol! We're getting him fixed so I really hope that fixes the problems.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    Chances are that having him neutered will solve about 90% of his temper problems. But if he goes outside, he will still face the dangers of the outdoors. A lot of his behavior may be territorial if he sees other cats in his yard. When you have him neutered, talk to the vet about his behavior. There may be a medication that will calm him down.
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