I have a five week old kitten who is loosing energy and has stopped drinking...help please?

Kat SpencerKat Spencer Hancock CountyMember Posts: 2
So, our five week old kitten is loosing her energy fast. About three days ago she stopped drinking as much as she did, and you can barely tell that she's the same age as her littermates. We've been bottle raising her, and so she doesn't know how to nurse off mommy anymore. This morning, we found her and she was extrememly dehydrated and cold. I managed to warm her up and get her drinking some really warm milk out of a dropper... But she will barely eat at all, and the last time she passed fecal matter, it was yellow-ish, and extremely disgusting. We switched her from her formula to cows milk, then back to her formula. But she's becoming progressively weaker compared her to her sister. Please help A.S.A.P!

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  • Alison TumanoAlison Tumano Cave CreekMember Posts: 27
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    ok you need to get that kitten into a vet VERY soon or else if you dont get any milk in her try to use something that will put the milk into drops but first go into a vet they will help!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    She needs to see a vet immediately, so I would just call up an emergency vet immediately. Putting her on cow's milk was not a good idea (most cats are lactose intolerant, which means that cow's milk will upset their digestive tract), but that's besides the point. She sounds severely dehydrated, which can be fatal in a kitten this small. This has been going on for three days, which means that you do not have any time to spare. Sorry, but this kitten has to go to a vet tonight. Not tomorrow morning, not when you get a chance... Right now.
  • Nichole SanfordNichole Sanford ripleyMember Posts: 647
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    WHY? WHY? did you wait three days knowing the kitten was sick take her to a vet ASAP...................................
  • mary crummary crum Member Posts: 68
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    Why have you been bottle rasing her if you have her mother? Mothers milk is much beter for them Never feed a kitten cows milk it will tear there tummy up. TAKE HER TO THE VET NOW. PLZ PLZ PLEASE leave the breeding to the the pros and get the kittens mother FIXED after she has weened the other kitten.
  • NJKatwoman KupplerNJKatwoman Kuppler Linden, Port Reading, Ocean GaMember Posts: 3
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    NO COW'S MILK!!! That is an abolute NO! You need to get KMR into her...(Kitten Milk Replacement) It comes in liquid or powder form. I use the powder...two parts water to one part KMR. Also, buy Pedialyte and get that into her also. She may have "fading kitten syndrome" and will die if action is not taken immediately. GET HER TO THE VET before you do anything else. I hope that you don't lose your baby. And the most important thing w/ kittens, is to keep them warm. Put a heating pad on low, put a clean towel over it, put the baby on the towel, and cover her w/ another towel. Again, I hope your baby pulls thru....you may have waited too long. God, I hope not.
  • Kayla SpencerKayla Spencer Member Posts: 1
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    In reply to some answers: 1) Yes we need to get them fixed. We are not breeders, nor do we try to be. They are BARN CATS. 2) Thank you so much for all the answers. We will not be able to get Walrus to the vet until about 4 PM, because I cannot legally drive. ^^ 3) It was not my choice to give them cows milk, it was my mother's. She had raised a kitten that was only a few days old by hand before, Cricket, and he lived to be seven years old before having a stroke on the back of our couch. 4) We had to bottle feed Walrus because Pana is an AWFUL mother. She obviously didn't learn mothering skills from her own mother, Zippers, but rather from Maggie, a deaf tortie cat. Our cats had 17 kittens this year...and because of Pana influencing her daughters, all but five died. They have a 'left-for-dead' pile, and after Walrus went missing for a day, I decided that I didn't wanna risk losing her, so we kept her inside. Pana has a habbit of leaving her babies in the woods.
  • Debra SnyderDebra Snyder Member Posts: 5
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    this kitten needs to see the vet immediately she may need IV fluids, for the dehydration, She also shouldn't be given cows milk, it causes diahrea. She should only get kitten formula.
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