Cat overeats and then vomits need help with weight loss. Poor Kennie is actually 20 pounds and only

Jessica GJessica G Member Posts: 3
My kitty Kenji seems to eat not stop, like every time he see's food he has to eat it. The food is constantly down and even though I'm eighteen I'm not aloud to regulate the food because my Mother wants to leave it down constantly. So he stayed with me in my room for a while to try to regulate his diet, he continues to act starved even when he was fed 3 times a day and it stayed down long enough for him to eat his fill and leave the bowl. But I quit this after a bit because even though he's a house cat I find it cruel to confine him to one room as would many. He often gulps his food down and then vomits soon after because of it and weighs about 20 pounds! Not a skinny kitty! We have another manx cat named ringo and he weighs 10 pounds and has a small body structure, my cat kenji is not aggressive with him in anyway. Infact, the manx beat's up on him. I'm just concerned in Kenji's weight because I was told he should weigh 15

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I truly believe that your best approach would be to speak with your kitties' vet about this. Kennie needs a thorough exam, including a stool check for worms. You need to be certain that the reason he vomits after eating is because he eats too fast. It probably is, but you need to be sure there are no health issues. You sound like you are at odds with your mother about Kennie's care and a vet can speak with both of you with the knowledge of a medical professional. Kennie is overweight and probably needs some extra playtimes with you. This would be good for his mental state as well as his physical well-being. Make sure that Ringo doesn't harrass Kennie while he's eating as that will make Kennie gulp his food to keep it away from Ringo. Supervise Ringo's other interactions with Kennie as well and don't let him "beat up" on Kennie. This can't be a pleasant situation for Kennie, to live in a house where he's pciked on. Talk to your vet when you take Kennie in, and then go from there.
  • Dea BadamiDea Badami San Diego (downtown)Member Posts: 3
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    I did the very same thing ... ate fast, then vomited. My human took me for a check-up and everything was fine. I coulda told her that. I just want to eat WHEN I want to eat and sometimes I nap too long and wake up REAL hungry so I just eat kinda fast cuz I'm real hungry. But my human did something I didn't like much ... she put some round river stones (bigger than my mouth) into my dry food bowl, and only gave me a tiny bit of food. I had to push those stones out of the way to get at each bit of dry food. Boy, that was really maddening. When I ate all that food, she'd put a little more in the bowl. That taught me to slow down. And she switched me to Wellness Indoor dry food ... and I get moist food every night (yum!) I hardly ever vomit now! OH, and I'm the handsome grey cat in the picture!
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