My Cat doesn't step all the way in the liter box and pees on the floor next to it.

I have a 3 year old snowshoe who will not step all the way into the liter box. She hangs over with her butt and pees on the floor. If she goes poop, she will step all the way in, so I know she can fit. It is a standard size box and in my bathroom under the shelving area. I had a shelf removed so she has enough room to sit up straight. I have put down pee pads under the box and that catches the pee, but I would like to train her to step all the way in. She does this randomly, it doesn't seem to matter if the box is clean or has new liter. She is a large cat and I don't think she will fit in a hooded box. I don't have the option of moving the box, I am in a small apartment and this is the only tiled floor with the exception of my kitchen, and I won't have a liter box in my kitchen. any suggestions?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Go to Target or Wal-mart and find a Rubbermaid plastic "under-the-bed" box that is very long and has enough room for your kitty to fit into it. She doesn't realize she's "hanging out". She thinks she's all the way in. Measure her space for her litterbox and get one of the Rubbermaid storage (under-the-bed) boxes that will fit into that space. Some kitties just need more space than is allowed in a regular litter box...
  • Carol MarfutaCarol Marfuta SanfordMember Posts: 11
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    Hi! my Charley is also a large kitty. I don't have the pee problem, but I wanted to contain his litter because he scratches a lot. I got a Booda Dome-it's HUGE! I've noticed that all his pee is against the edge. Maybe it's instinctive-I don't know. You could look at Booda & see what you think. She could still hang over the entrance, but it could be worth a try. Good Luck!
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