2 Cats, one's blue eyes have turn dark why?

i have 2 white blue eyed cats, 1 fat 1 not fat lol the fat one his eyes have gone from light blue to dark blue to light blue again and i dont know why. he seems to be fine but i wonder if they are blind when that happens? i have a picture but i dont know how to post it and could someone tell me the breed if possible?

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  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Member Posts: 214
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    Unless they have papers, they're domestic shorthair, medium hair, or longhair. I can't tell without a picture the length of their fur. As for the eyes...are you sure they didn't change when he was in the shade? I haven't seen cat eyes actually change colors, though all kittens are born with blue eyes.
  • Derick FamulakDerick Famulak North VanMember Posts: 1
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    its me again, i have added a picture of my cat you cant see his eyes that well though :( correction on the eye thing, his eyes change from light blue to dark blue for a couple of hours to a couple of days at a time, i dont got the money to take him to a vet just wondering if its a big problem they seem to be healthy and fine and i tested his sight and took him into and out of light didnt do anything to the pigment of them.
  • catharina afonsocatharina afonso newarkMember Posts: 2
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    hi my name is grapey afonso and i might no the answer ur looking 4 i have an ant like ur white one first its nomrel 2 hav a cat like that because some white cats some times have a one blind eye or one ear that dose not hear second it might that it was dark where ur cat was u no cats eyes glow in the dark rite
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