Thinking of having both cats and babies! Mother nagging my ear off, pls help!

I've always loved pets but my mom is allergic and don't like pets so I never had any. Now that I'm older, married & have my own home, I'd really like to get 2 Bengal cats. Boy was it a mistake to tell my mother! Her main concern is about any future grandkids because I do plan to start a family in a few years. She's been saying cats are dirty even with a litterbox, they're unpredictable and how these cats she knew would suddenly claw people and what if it clawed my baby, and because pets are "dirty" they will most likely be the cause of any health problems to a baby. She is driving me nuts! I fully intend to get the cats though because her logic is rather ridiculous...right? Any first-hand experience or advice? Has anyone talked to a doctor perhaps?

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  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Member Posts: 214
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    Well considering I've never had kids and don't plan to for a while, I haven't spoken to a doctor. But in my interaction with the good people on Catster, many of them have kids and cats coexisting safely. Cats are not dirty creatures. Do you plan on keeping them inside or outside? Thee are far fewer health risks to your cat if you keep them inside, plus your cat's life span would about double if kept inside, just something to think about. Your litterbox will need to be cleaned daily, but I have three cats and my house still smells good and people still love to come over. As for your cat clawing your baby, there are people on here (who will probably respond after me) who can help you with introductions between baby and cat to keep baby safe and make kitty protective of baby. I know I've seen some good advice on here before about that. Try searching answers for babies and cats. But since you have a few years before baby, I don't see the problem with getting the cats now, so you can bond.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    Lots of people have cats and children that live together just fine. There are lots of old wives tales about cats and babies still out there. Cats are very clean animals. Make sure the cats are indoor only, and receive regular veterinary care. Make sure the baby and cats are introduced carefully with lots of positive reinforcement. Also, despite what others may tell you - do NOT declaw the cats! Some cats may bite after being declawed since they have no other defense. Declawing is also very painful and cruel. Make sure the claws are kept trimmed and you train them to use a scratching post. Some cats love children. Make sure as the baby gets older you teach them how to treat a cat gently and respectfully and you should not have any problems.
  • Julie VentrigliaJulie Ventriglia Member Posts: 2,923
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    I grew up with cats and kittens in the house, and somehow managed to survive ;) The cats had claws and most of the time they had fleas, because flea collars just did not work and this was a time before Frontline etc. There are tons of pictures and home movies of us kids with the cats, and I am so glad we had them!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Honestly, just ignore your mother for now. She'll just have to get used to it and she might come around. Before my husband and I got Boris, we talked about getting a dog or cat. My mom expressed very similar concerns to yours. She wasn't too happy to hear I adopted Boris (we now have a second cat, btw). But she pretty much realized that I was an adult, and if I chose to have cats, I darn well could and there was nothing she could do. Then she met Boris while visiting us (we live halfway across the country from her). Let's just say that Boris will never be thought of as a "grand-cat", but he did thoroughly charm my mother. She asks after him every time I call. She's yet to meet Gracie (our other cat), but I suspect she'll love her too once she gets a chance to meet her and see what a sweetie she is. In the abstract, your mom can object to your choice. But coming to see your new kitties as living breathing creatures who only want love and affection? That may likely change her mind.
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