Could I get some info. on constant U.R.I.s?

I rescued a cat with a U. R.I. ,and other concerns ( he's improved 80%. ,as he was from home with 100 cats. He was on antibiotics and was rechecked by their Vet. and mine. I was also informed he had Herpes Virus. He continues to be on antibiotics , long term ,as his symptoms return about every 72 hours.Not sure of his age, he has a pouch(belly) and is missing his top and bottom incisors.My Vet. thinks about 6. I am crazy over him, he's very sweet , has a unique NOISY purr (sounds like a Pigeon) that's his name.The Vet/my friends have never heard anything like it! I feel so bad as he has spasms, terrible sneezing fits(with some nasty large boogers) , noisy breathing and he swallows constantly. I would appreciate any info. on U.R.I.s, what food you'd recommend, long term antibiotic info., X-rays?, similar stories etc. as this is so complicated! Thankyou!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Ask your vet about using an L-Lysine supplement. It is an amino acid that is supposed to help control the outbreaks of the symptoms in cats with Herpes virus. I have a powder called Viralys that I got at the vet but it is much cheaper on Amazon. They also sell treats called vetri-lysine Plus soft chews. When he has congestion symptoms, you can also use a vaporizer (plain water, no chemicals) or a humidifier in the room to help him breathe easier. My Kira ended up having polyps and not Herpes, but after her surgery, the humidifier helped her breathe. You also need to monitor his eating. A cat that can not smell often will not eat so when Kira was sick, I fed her canned food and made sure I watched her eat. She still has a lowered sense of smell and I often have to show her the plate of food when they get their wet food. She knows where the dry food is and eats fine but she misses out on treats unless I show them to her.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    That's great you rescued Pigeon. I adopted Freckles last year and she'd had untreated URI's for a long time. She has herpes and I give her L-lysine for that (500mg twice a day) and you can buy a fishy flavoured cat version on Amazon. Freckles kept getting sinus infections which would get better on antibiotics then a few weeks later would recur. They were recurring more quickly so the vet did a feline upper respiratory panel (taking swabs from her eyes, nose, throat) and a culture and found she had a type of bacteria called mycoplasma that isn't fully killed off by the regular antibiotics they use. Freckles is now on a 1 month course of doxycycline which we hope will fix the sinus infections. The other thing they were thinking of was checking for bad teeth/roots or polyps that were causing issues. When she gets stuffed up and cannot smell I have to feed her tuna (in water/no salt), or something else smelly like boiled chicken livers. Otherwise she gets quality canned food
  • Myndi DavisMyndi Davis LehiMember Posts: 215
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    I agree, Thank you for adopting Pigeon! It was very selfless of you to adopt a special needs cat. I have a cat that had similar problems and it was very frustrating trying to find out what was wrong with him. We did x-rays and scoped for polyps but everything came back normal. He was finally diagnosed with Herpes. His is pretty much under control (as well as I can get it). He still sneezes a few times a day. We try to keep things as stress free as possible for him. Like was previous mentioned, L-Lysine is a supplement that helps to boost their immune system.
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