Does anyone use the paper pellet cat litter? I need your advice.

I'm just now trying it out and am being challenged by the scooping operation. The pellets are too large to go through the scooper, so I find that I'm picking through it all to get the poo and wet bits out. Is it not supposed to be cleaned? Is it better to just use a little bit and dump it out daily? Is there a brand that has small, sift-able pellets? I love that it isn't dusty and doesn't track all over, but not sure I have the patience for the thrice-daily picking ritual. The cats really like it, so I'd like to figure it out. Thanks!

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  • Kayleen GrableKayleen Grable BrazilMember Posts: 7
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    Well My cat just got declawed and we used that for about a week and it was Yesterdays News and It was to big for the scooper but if you want a not dusty non tracking litter you could use the Fresh Step Odor Eliminating Carbon It works really good but I guess It all depends on how big the slits are on your scooper. I had to Use a little bit at a time but that's just being nonreauslabe and it only takes a little bit of the kitty litter to get the waste out so I recommend you use the Fresh Step or get a bigger scooper with bigger Slits.
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
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    I'm not sure how the paper pellets work, but I use Feline Pine, which is pine pellets. You remove solid waste however you want and toss it out (I flush it) but you do not remove liquid waste. In Feline Pine, the liquid waste breaks the pellets down into powder. You can use a sifting litter box to get the powder out like or do nothing. When it's mostly powder, throw it all out and clean the box, about once a week. it controls odor very very well.
  • valerie schumachervalerie schumacher northamptonMember Posts: 24
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    hi, i use it all the time now for one particularly picky feline in my household. she would always leave her droppings NEXT to the box when i used every other kind of litter, though she would pee in regular litter. and since this cat never goes downstairs, i have 2 boxes in rooms up here and found i couldn't stand the clay litter tracking that was going on. (the other boxes are on the back porch and in the cat cage outside so they aren't a problem). Yesterday's News has been great! now my girl goes in the box all the time and it doesn't track much at all. i also don't think it smells as much. i don't clean it out daily, in fact i leave it in a couple of days then completely dump it. so i only put a small amount in the box.
  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Member Posts: 214
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    If you use a standard size cat scooper and Yesterday's News, it scoops, though slowly. If it's still not working, I'd just use a little and dump it each day. Most cats only need about an inch of litter thick in order to be drawn to the box, though you can test yours to see how little you can use. Mine like an inch (they're currently on Yesterday's News temporarily) and they get it dumped each morning. I would scoop it, but I'm working extra overtime for a month and it's easier to just swap out the litter entirely. Good Luck! :)
  • Jess JonesJess Jones Member Posts: 2
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    Ugh, I dont think I have the patience for that! We use the crystal litter. It does track some but it isnt really dusty (not like other stuff) and absorbs the urine well, which i love. we use it with our automatic litter box (we have a scoopfree,, so we dont really have much advice regarding scooping ... since mom is happily exempt with my automatic litter box. Ha ha. let us know what you end up doing...
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