Why isn't my kitty losing weight?

Adrianne KossAdrianne Koss LansingMember Posts: 6
I used to have an endless supply of dry food down like an all you can eat buffett, and my guy was going to the bowl alot. The vet did say he needs to lose weight, so I am only putting in the recommended amount in his bowl, and all the times he would have gone to the bowl and chowed down, well, he isn't because there isn't an endless supply. Plus I am playing with him and his favorite toys for as long as he is into it. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks, why doesn't he really look like he's losing weight?

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  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Cats lose weight very slowly, and any weight loss can be masked by their fur. Short of buying a baby scale and weighing him daily, you're not going to notice any weight changes: 3 weeks is nowhere near enough for you to notice any changes in size. It may take him a few months to lose even 1 lbs, and it is as it should be. When cats lose weight too quickly, they can develop a host of medical problems. Just continue doing what you are doing, and wait until the next check up. By then, he will probably have lost enough weight for it to register on the vet's scale.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevilleMember Posts: 2,200
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    It sounds like your taking the advice of your vet and making a committment to help your cat lose weight, that's awesome. I would suggest a possible food change for Toro as well. Switching to a high protein, low carb (grains) diet will help him slim down. Also the recommended amount to feed your pet is just a guideline, it's not set in stone. It is up to us to decide whether they are getting too much or not enough. For example, Deogie's (my dog) food recommends 3 1/4 cups per day but he needs more to satisfy him, so I needed to increase his daily amount. I weigh him weekly to ensure he maintains his weight. If they become a little heavy, it's time to count back a little. Toro is beautiful and I'm sure he'll get his weight down in time. Have a good one.
  • Lisa McDermottLisa McDermott JupiterMember Posts: 896
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    My Daphne has had this problem for years. I would suggest cutting back on the dry food. Try giving your kitty wet food. The kibble isn't good for them especially when weight is concerned. And the longer they are on it...the harder it is to get them to switch. It may take some time to notice the weight loss.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    The other posters have good advice. I have a fat cat (Spike), and my vet set up a schedule of how many calories he should consume each day in order to go from his present weight to the desired weight, a process that was supposed to take around three months (he had to lose about 7 pounds). The key here is to work with your vet to set up a schedule and proper calorie count for each meal. Unfortunately, I am lazy, and have yet to carry out the vet's instructions. My problem is that I'm a breeder, and I always have kittens wandering around, and all the cats are free fed. All my cats (except the kittens who haven't learned their toilet manners yet) get free range of the house as well. If Toro is an only cat, then you don't have my problem, but if you have multiple cats with different dietary needs, feeding them separately or keeping them in different rooms is the only solution. I should take my own advice...
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
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    This site here is the best informative site you can read about feline obesity, and how to help your cat loose weight. The only way you are going to loose weight is to feed a high protein wet diet, or a raw diet. This site will tell you exactly how much to feed your cat, safely. If you do this too quickly you can get hepatic lipidosis which is a liver disease, and can be deadly. Getting your cat to loose weight will prevent diseases such as diabetes, etc. Please read this site. http://www.catinfo.org/feline_obesity.htm
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
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    Cutting back on the dry likely won't work...As others said, feed a wet meat-based high protein diet (preferably quality grain-free) canned or raw, and look at the site Shadow recommended. Heres a great blog post about this from a wonderful feline advocat(e): http://meowmeowmom.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/cat-still-fat/
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