I have three Flame Point Persians that are way loaded with fleas from hell I have never see fleas th

I have given one that wont eat some baby meat and peadalite with evaporited milk can get a few squirts down him.. They are all loosing there hair..I have used frontline on them 2 monthes ago didnt work. these fleas are about a 1/4 inch long... Never seen this before. there skin was totally black from the dirt. they are clean now but the fleas are still there. I pick there a few times a day PLEAE HELP ME

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  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    You have to treat the environment at the same time. I am sorry to say, if you have used preventive and the fleas don't go away, chances are your carpets are infested with fleas, and nothing you do to the pets will change that fact. Treat the cat: go to a vet, ask them to give the cats a capstar. It's a pill that kills all fleas on a cat within the hour. Very cheap, mostly safe. Then get a good preventive (we used to use Revolution, always had good results with it). Treat the environment: after you give a capstar, pack up the cats and vacuum your home. Spray the carpets and upholstery with a spray that contains Precor (flea egg hatch retardant). Leave house with cats for 3 hours. Return to house alone, vacuum up, and open windows. Toss vacuum bag out. Return cats to environment and give flea preventive immediately. I also suggest you wash all bedding. Heat from wash and dry should kill any fleas. Rule of thumb: if made of fabric and kitty lays in it, treat it. Good luck.
  • Nichole SanfordNichole Sanford ripleyMember Posts: 647
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    give them a bath in in joy dish sopa make sure you get it without bleach ASAP that will kill all fleas on them then spray them down with adams flea and tick spray. Then go to the vet to get try useing another brand than frontline.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Although, I am concerned about the fleas(the kitties above have given good suggestions) I am more concerned that you have a cat that won't eat. You need to get that cat to a vet asap. It is most likely anemic and needs medical attention. Anorexia can also lead to liver damage in a fairly short period of time. Your vet can discuss how to treat the pets and environment at that time also.
  • Christophe YoungChristophe Young Member Posts: 4
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    Adams is the only safe and effective treatment I've ever found. I do not encourage the once a month type treatments. There are many ways to help your cats. The vet is your best option. Prolonged exposure to fleas can kill your cats. Clean their bedding carpets furniture etc.. Cats age was never mentioned so assuming newborn to 8 weeks, look for a cat milk formula. Get a syringe and feed them the formula. Avoid cows milk as it can cause multiple problems with digestion and dehydrate the kittens. Avoid any flea medication under 3-4 weeks age. Adams is relatively the safest I know of. Bathe the cats daily if that is what it takes. The hair falling out sounds like an allergic reaction. Seek out a vet or if you can't afford one seek help from a local shelter. They can suggest most affordable options and might have supplies they would loan or give you.
  • sarah andersonsarah anderson Member Posts: 1
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    I have had many cats and i have tried flea shampoos, collars, sprays, just about everything and they are all just a waste of money. But, I am telling you that the best flea treatment you can get is called "Advantage", it is a little tube that you just squeeze on the back of the cats neck and within 2 or 3 days the fleas will be gone. Now, the only place you can get it from is a veterinary hospital. Some places want you to bring your cat in, but if you look hard enough you might be able to find a place where you can just go in and buy it. I live in Hamilton Ontario and there is a place called Rockland Veterinary hospital on Rockland and Rymal near Gage, there you can buy one treatment for around 15$ but it is SOO worth it. Good luck!
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