Are side effects from respiratory and eye infection in kittens permanent?

I took in a stray and her newborn kittens. the kittens, at about 6 weeks old, got very sick. with a respiratory infection and eye infection. They were taken and fostered for about a month. The foster did not want to return them, we had to fight to get them back. So, when they were finally returned, I didn't get any specifics on their condition and longterm care. They are healthy now, 4.5 months old. but both still show some effect. there noses are always runny or crusty (one even gets yucky green "boogers" like humans can). one's eye doesnt like to open all the way. She had only mild eye infection. no discharge now, she just winks. the other one, he got it severe, he looked like he went 10 rounds with a boxer, nearly lost his eye. now he keeps his wide open, but there is constant clear discharge. Since they have been back home now for nearly 2 months, and still show these effects, i am wondering if they will be permanent? is there anything I can do to relieve it?

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    Take them back to the vet ASAP. Get stronger antibiotics for them. These poor kittens need to go to a vet. Infections in kittens can turn deadly if not treated.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    I agree with Natasha, take them back to a vet to get treated as they still have infections. If they get the right antibiotics and other treatments now they could get completely cured. They could have feline herpes which is a virus that can be controlled but could flare up later. If respiratory and eye infections are not treated your kittens could get permanent damage. Untreated eye infections can leaed to blindless and untreated respiratory infections can lead to damage to the sinuses etc that can lead to chronic infections. If you take them to a vets now they can probably get treated and avoid long term issues.
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