My 3 y.o. cat vomited undigested food yesterday. This AM she vomited clr yellow fluid? Whats wrong

She's alert, has eaten (we only feed her dry food) and has been drinking. Did she eat something and its making her sick? We've NEVER seen anything like this before. She's OK to touch (doesnt seem to have pain)

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  • Gene A- Jeffries Jr-Gene A- Jeffries Jr- near PittsburghMember Posts: 2
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    I'm not a vet, but my first guess would be hair balls. If the cat is active and eating normally. but starts hacking up his/her food that is my normal first guess. has the cat been cleaning itself a lot in the last few days, has it been shedding? if yes to these then i would suggest a trip to walmart for some hairball remedy. if it keeps up after that(and no hairballs) or your cat stops eating and/or becomes lethargic then get him/her to a vet as you may have a bowl blockage or other problem. It could be a lot of things, with out knowing more of the cats medical history i'm just guessing.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Remember, we are not vets here, just cat lovers. As much as we would love to dole out free medcal advice, if we gave out the wrong information for your cat's issues, it could result in the problem becoming more serious and even in the death of the cat. Continual vomiting is not normal. Cats vomit hairballs occasionally, but if your cat is continually vomiting and is now bringing up yellow fluid (bile) that means she has nothing in her stomach. Remember animals are very good at hiding pain. My daughter's cat swallowed a piece of puzzle and almost died from the blockage. If it were my cat, I would at least call my vet to make sure they don't think she should be seen and x-rayed.
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