sick, not eating, sleeps all day.

My cat (5 yrs old just adopted 2 weeks ago) has not been eating she has an upper resp. infection, took her to vet for medicine they said to warm up her wet food, she still won't eat she also taking medicine for urinary tract infection, the medicines are clavamox and duralctine L-lysine. my family says to stop giving her clavamox but i dont want to because the vet said to finish all of the medication. She also had a fever and she got a shot for it but that was three days ago she still does not eat she acts like she is afraid of the food. Is there anyway to make her eat? are the medicines causing her loss of appetite? What can the vet do if I make another appointment?

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  • Marcia thompsonMarcia thompson Beverly Hills FlMember Posts: 9
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    I have had cats on Clavamox and you have to finish up the prescription in order for it to work. Is there blood in the urine or very little urine coming out of her. When my cats have been sick and not eating I have force fed them as not eating for a long time can cause more problems. I found the easiest way for me was to put a little food on your finger, open her mouth and wipe the food on the upper roof of mouth. Cat should not spit it out and eat it. Since you have already taken her to the vet, i would call the vet office back and explain what is still happening and that you want to talke to the vet about it. I have done that and they usually will have the vet call you back. Good Luck!!!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Call the vet's office and ask to talk to the vet or a veterinary nurse. You're really not supposed to stop Clamavox in most cases, but the vet can make an exception, once they talk to you and figure out if that is the problem. Based on past experience, they will ask to see her back first thing, to give her subcutaneous fluids. Sometimes that can stimulate a cat's appetite alone. If they don't offer that, I would maybe call a different vet and explain what is going on. Aside for fluids, they might also ask you to add tuna or tuna juice to her food. Cats are really not supposed to eat tuna often, but this being an emergency, it's something you might be able to use to entice her to eat. You might have to start force feeding your cat. A vet tech can probably teach you how to do that successfully. So insist with them that you need go in tomorrow, timing is of the essence here. Good luck.
  • Julie VentrigliaJulie Ventriglia Member Posts: 2,923
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    It is most likely not the medicine that is causing a lack of appetite- it is the fact that she has a URI. If a cat cannot smell its food- it won't want to eat it- that is why the vet told you to warm the food up- to increase the smell and entice your cat to eat. You need to finish out the clavamox. Call the vet back and explain to them what is going on. Good luck!
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