why does my male 7 month black kitten licks my 3 month male kitten

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  • DONNA KELLY-BIRCHDONNA KELLY-BIRCH kenoshaMember Posts: 1,018
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    Because he tastes good. LOL!!! Actually, alot of cats like to groom their "siblings". I foster cats and kittens for a local rescue, and my 4 yr. old male likes to groom them alot (That's him in the picture). Just because male cats can't be Mothers doesn't mean that they don't like to "mother" other cats/kittens. Some say it may also be a dominate/submissive behavior, although I have heard both sides on whether the "groomer" is the dominate one or the submissive one. I think the bottom line is that your kitties sound like they are getting along and are actually bonding. So congratulations on your new family members and enjoy!!
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    Accepted Answer
    Its just because he likes him and is grooming him. Cats do social grooming similar to chimpanzees etc and its a good sign that they are getting along together. In Jingo's pictures you can see one of her with her two tabby sisters (not blood relatives) and they are all snuggled up and Sassy (the oldest) is grooming the 2 younger cats. So don't worry about it as its perfectly normal.
  • Baw PattersonBaw Patterson Member Posts: 10
    Accepted Answer
    aww your kitties sound adorable!! it's perfectly normal for male or female to lick another male or female, blood related or not. my kittens do it all the time, it's how the show their love...it's like family kisses for humans congrats on snuggling kitties! ^_^
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