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2 of my cats have stopped using the little box how can i fix this ?

2 of my cats got a bladder infection we took them to the vet it took about 5 trips to get this cleared up but now they won't use the litter box they are going everywere ... we have several boxes and they are kept clean what can i do . i am worried if they dont stop we cant live in a house full of cat pee its unheathly for everyone .... please help

Best Answers

  • Edie VinesEdie Vines Playas de RosaritoMember Posts: 14
    Accepted Answer
    Even though your cats litter boxes have been cleaned plastic tends to hold odors. Dump cat litter and sanitize with white vinegar and water. Use their favorite litter and clean adjacent floor with vinegar and water. Let dry. Your cats may associate pain with their scent of illness.A sanitized litter box might eliminate your problem. Good luck.
  • tracy Byfordtracy Byford Member Posts: 4
    Accepted Answer
    There are a number of things you can do. First, your cats may associate the litterboxes with the pain of the infections and stay away from them. Try first, changing the type of litter and see if that helps. If you can isolate your cats in a small room with the litterbox and see if that inspires them, it may. I have found that some cats, mine included don't like the covered boxes. Try uncovering them if that is the case. And, finally, the vet has medications at her disposal that may be able to help solve the problems. Sometimes this problems is due to anxiety and medicine or analog hormones like Feliway may help. Feliway is much cheaper online than in pet stores should you want to try that route. Having a UTI is very painful and it may have made your cats anxious about urinating at all. The important thing is to talk to your vet about it. Most behavioral problems are solvable; it just takes persistence, patience and a willingness to try different tacts.
  • Valerie PorterValerie Porter ogdenMember Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer
    Urinary infections cause pain when urinating they are associating the pain of the now cured infection with the potty box. Change litter brands for sure also get new box's that look different and position them else where in the house if possible. let your cats get to know the potty box again by secluding them to a room or a large kennel cage with new box. Let them out for time with you but they must not be left to roam the house unattended. Get a urine sensor light and find the spots of the accidents and treat with enzyme cleaner like natures miracle sold at pet store. there are also new kinds of box's that dont use litter go online and read read read. your cats can be retrained but you MUST limit their access to your whole house for a while for thier own good. Once they realize the new box's are not going to hurt them then you will be over the hard part. Its key to not give them access to parts of the house they peed in to break the habit. get rid of fear change habit. cat 101.
  • Julie VentrigliaJulie Ventriglia Member Posts: 2,923
    Accepted Answer
    The others have given you good advice- I just wanted to suggest Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter as the litter you try in your new boxes. Good luck!
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