can i use capstar on my cats for relief to kill fleas &protect with spot on? can't flea bomb cold n

How much time can elapse before using the spot on? Is it safe? It is too cold & I can't flea bomb my apartment as I have no where to bring the cats for 4 hours! What to do??? HELP My cats are staring to act very lethargic & barely eat.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I know that Capstar will kill fleas and eggs immediately but has no residual effect so you still need to protect with Frontline or Advantage. I don't know how long you have to wait to use it though, because I'm not a vet. Use flea drops you get from your vet as many of the flea drops you get at the pet store, etc. are dangerous and poisonous. If your cats are acting lethargic and not eating, then that's SURE sign that they need to go to the vet for treatment. Maybe you can leave them there for a few hours while you bomb the apartment? You can't leave them there as they absolutely cannot inhale that stuff. For the time being, power vacuum your apartment top to bottom and throw out the bag. But please take your cats to the vet. If that's how they're acting, then they're sick and need treatment.
  • Pokey K-Pokey K- Shepherdstown/Charles TownMember Posts: 23
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    Capstar is generally ineffective after 24 hours, so you can apply a long term treatment after that. However, most long term treatments do exactly what capstar does, but take 12 hrs instead of 4-6. You might as well use a monthly treatment unless you are prepared to use Capstar regularly. There are some spray products which can be used and then are "safe" when dry in 1-3 hours. These usually weaker, and therefore safer. They kill a certain life-stage of the flea, stopping the cycle. They usually last several months. Fill up your gas tank. Treat the cat. When the appropriate hrs have passed for live fleas to die, warm the car and place the cat in a plastic carrier. Drive around, keeping your cat warm in the car while someone treats your apartment. You can also try places like the waiting room of a vet's office or in a Petsmart. In a few hours, you can return safely. Do not let the cat out of the carrier into your car. Flea eggs may drop into your car.
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