is my new kitty sick?

i just adopted my cat yesterday, and its now the second day and she only used the litter box once, i dont even know if it was pee or poop because i have another cat that used that litter box too. i know you are supposed to keep the two cat seperate for a few days but i have been switching the cats out between my room and the lving area which is rather small anyway. All she does is sleep and shes not motivated to play or anything. shes only a yeat old. my other cat was playing the night we got her this one doesnt seem interested. any way she is also super skinny, and sneezes alot... help!

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  • Alice KehmAlice Kehm LenhartsvilleMember Posts: 159
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    I would take her to the vet for a visit . Because of the amount of animals that are in a animal shelter does not mean that some do not get sick. It sounds like she might have a URI . Anytime you adopt an animal you should always make a visit to the veet to make sure that it is in good health. Hope kitty gets well soon!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Airel is right. If you aren't feeding her what they fed her at the shelter then she could have a digestive upset. It would also be a good idea to get another litter box as most cats don't like to share and she may start using your sink, shower stall and/or bathtub as a litter box. Upper respiratory infections are common in shelter cats and some will get them as a sign of stress when they are adopted. That doesn't mean they aren't serious. You need to get your new kitty to the vet as soon as you can. You should contact the organizaton you adopted her from. If you take her to their vet they should pay for her care. Most rescues/shelters have a 10 day policy--if the cat gets sick or is adopted out sick then they are responsible for the costs of any vet care. But do get her to a vet as soon as you can. She can go downhill very quickly and you could lose her.
  • Kristy Howard-ClarkKristy Howard-Clark Member Posts: 1
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    When a cat is in a new environment that cat needs 90 days to adjust. It might be easier if you try a little TLC. To a cat, love is food. try some baby food ham or baby food lamb. Only the meat. Never the food with the veggies since baby food with veggies has onion powder in it and onion is toxic to cats. Purina One Natural Blends with brown rice and oatmeal is a very good hard food for a kitty that has to adjust to a new place. The oatmeal helps the cat digest the food while the brown rice helps to settle her tummy. Show her affection when she gives you the opportunity but let it be her idea and let her come to you. It won't be long 'til the two of you will be reading each others' minds and getting along like peas and carrots.
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