Our two year old female cat had a normal small kitty meow. All of a sudden it has changed.

She usually had a high pitched cute meow and now she sounds like she's swollowed a kazoo with a much deeper tone. Do cats' voices change?? Or is something wrong with her throat? Any info or suggestions would be great!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I know that dog's barks get deeper as they get older and grow out of puppyhood, but my cats have the same meows they've always had. Tiny kittens have very plaintive little mews to get mom' s attention, but by the time they're 2 years old, their meows should be established. You can always call your vet to ask if you are concerned she may have a health issue. If you notice she has difficulty swallowing or any other changes in her behavior, definitely call your vet.
  • Christina WahlChristina Wahl Member Posts: 164
    Accepted Answer
    Yes it can be normal.
  • Rebecca MarieRebecca Marie LimaMember Posts: 64
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    maybe she has a sore throat? My cat has had a sore that and the meow changed for awhile.
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    Cats' voices can change. Our Carbon had a really high-pitched girly meow until the day before his 2nd birthday. Then, all of a sudden, he meowed a "real" meow!
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