My almost 7 year old Psika may need an intestinal biopsy. Can anyone tell me a bit about the procedu

Vira KatolikVira Katolik LansdaleMember Posts: 2
Psika may need an intestinal biopsy. Ultrasound showed slighty thickened intestinal walls. Need biopsy to confirm diagnosis. Seeing the vet tomorrow and will talk to her, but wanted to be prepared. Has been fine (normal eating, bowels, etc. after bout of lethary in late Dec). Just started vomiting/diarrhea past few days. Seeing vet tomorrow.

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    They'll put him under anesthetic and use an endoscope to look inside his intestine and collect a small sample of tissue. The endoscope is a long flexible tube with a small camera on the end and a trained vet can guide it through and collect the biopsy. It is small enough to go down a cats throat and through their stomach into their intestines and avoids having to do surgery to do the biopsy and see what his intestines look like. When they see the inside of the intestines and get the results of the biopsy they'll be able to tell if the inflamation is from something like IBD (irritable bowell disease) or from the early stages of lymphoma (a type of cancer). Both are very treatable but they need to know what it is to give the right treatment. Don't panic if it is lymphoma as it usually responds very well to chemo and cats generally do much better on chemo and don't have as bad side effects as people do.
  • Robin HartRobin Hart La MesaMember Posts: 4
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    I am in the same situation with my cat Belle, she has had elevated liver enzymes for some time and then suddenly stopped eating. I know from terrible past experience that when a cat stops eating, immediate action must be taken. She had ultrasound that showed one wall of intestines thickened. We were supposed to try Flagyl but she is difficult to pill, and hypoallergenic food i.e. Hills Prescription, but she won't eat it, and I felt it was more important for her to eat. Still she has lost 1/2 lb in the past week and that's not good. So we will schedule the endoscopy (?) that the other responder explained and find out if it's IBD or cancer. Right now Belle will only eat shredded turkey & cheese Friskies and some canned tuna. I try to get her to eat Nutrical, put some on her paw today so she had to lick it off, she didn't like that but she did lick it off! My best wishes for you and Psika.
  •  Member Posts: 11
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    I just want to find out what the results for Psika are. Because My 3 year old cat has same problem. I switched the food from Science diet to Blue buffalo, two weeks later he started to throw up. My vet tried steroid shot, reglan. blood work, X-ray showed thickened intestinal walls, Endoscope and biopsy showed no cancer but massive ulcers and inflammation. I refused to give him steroid again. I am giving him pepcid now and raw meat diet. He still vomits daily. I do not know what we can do to help him. So would you mind to let me know what the problem is with Psika? Thanks
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