my cat had 4 kittens yest. . but her sister seams 2 think she is the mom, should i try and keep her

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Everythink is fine with mother and kittens and she is doing her job brilliant... but her sister keeps coming in and groming them and trying to feed them even tho she has never had kittens herself. is this normal?? the mother is 1 year old and its her 1st litter.

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  • Kaitlyn WhippleKaitlyn Whipple Member Posts: 210
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    I am sorry I can't answer your question but........ A year old is way to young for a cat to be a mother. she is barley more than a kitten herself! A cat shouldn't be breed intill they are at LEAST 2 years of age. But to tell you the truth the responsible thing to do is get her spayed after the kittens are weened. This can actually be a rather inexpensive surgery. I get mine done at a shelter (you might have to hunt around) for about $35. PLEASE get the sister spayed before she to is pregnant. There are soooooo many surplus animals in need of good homes. 800 dogs and cats are killed at shelters every HOUR in the united states because there simply are to many unwanted pets. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! GET YOUR CATS SPAYED!
  • Alice KehmAlice Kehm LenhartsvilleMember Posts: 159
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    Yes that is normal for her to do . I don't think you will have any problems unless mom doesn't like it and she will let her sister know. I had my first litter last year with my older bro and sis fur and I didn't seem to mind them looking at them but then they did not want to feed them . As they got older they did help groom my kids which I didn't mind at all . Just remember that when we breed kittens we must find them furever homes. All of my kittens have found good furever homes .
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    The other poster has a good point about getting them fixed. As long as the mother cat is OK with it there's no problem with her sister helping to groom the kittens. If they suckle on her she will probably start to produce milk as that is triggered by different hormones than pregnancy. This won't cause any issues and is fairly common with cats that are close like your 2 sisters are.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Please read my answer to the question about the Siamese nursing a motherless kitten. I have had an intact female nurse her sister's kittens after they were weaned. The kittens were happy, but the sister (who had never been pregnant) had a very difficult birth the first time she was bred. Breeder friends tell me that her "induced lactation" (it wasn't really "induced," she chose to suckle the kittens) could have caused a temporary shrinkage of her uterus. If you are thinking of breeding the sister too, though, I'd advise you to stop her from nursing the kittens--unless Momcat is not doing her duty. You don't give details about your breeding program. I hope that you realize that homing kittens, even purebreds, is difficult. Your next important duty is to find good homes for all the kittens. Don't relinquish them to a shelter or put them in a box labeled "Free Kittens." Your kittens could end up as experimental animals or dog fight bait. Good luck!
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