My cat has chronic respiratory infections. Her eye has a clear discharge and she has a runny nose.

Jennifer MikusJennifer Mikus PittsburghMember Posts: 30
I have already taken her to the vet at least twice with this problem. And after a shot of antibiotics, she won't take them any other way, she gets better. Her temperature is normal. She still eats a bit, not as much as usual. I can tell she is all stuffed up, like a head cold. She also sneezes a lot, and sometimes she wheezes. That is the scary part. I know we need another trip to the vet. But, I don't even know what tests to ask for and is it even healthy for her to have to receive antibiotics so often, even though, it helps her, at least for a month or two. The vet thinks she may have allergies too. And is there some way I can relieve her stuffy nose at least between vet visits. She also gets lysine supplements for her immune system. I really don't know what to do to help her. Any suggestions would help,besides going back to the vet, which I am doing.

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Upper respiratory infections (URIs) can be either viral or bacterial in nature. Viral infections are treated with lysine (in the U.S.) or with liquid Interferon (in Japan, where I live). One of the most common causes of URIs is the feline herpes virus. There is a test available to tell if your cat is carrying this virus. Unfortunately, herpes lingers on forever--as people who had chickenpox as children and then shingles as adults can attest to. Cats with a herpes URI may or may not have recurrences--which may be triggered by stress. I think you need to have your vet give more specific care--in my experience (and I'm not a vet), bacterial infections result in yellowish eye discharge. Your kitty would seem to me to have either a viral infection or an allergy. She may also have a weakened immune system (due, possibly, to FIV or FeLV). Either get your vet to be a bit more on the ball regarding tests and diagnoses, or get another vet. A second opinion is never a bad idea.
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