I am responding to the reguards of what kind my cat is.

I dont know how to reply to any of the answers but The previous owner had said that louie was a ragdoll she had paid quite a lot for him $500 I believe I was wondering if it would be possible for him to be a ragdoll without papers she didnt have enough to purchase him with the papers. Unfortunately I dont have a camera so the picture of him is not High quality. His ears are a dark brown to a black his ears point slightly forward his face is a dark brownish black with a lighter darker brown his paws are lighter brown than his face he has dirty colored spots on his body over a tanish white with a muddy colored tail. His eyes are a pale almost clear or whitish blue with a ring of darker blue around the pupils. He has some characteristics of a ragdoll he goes limp when you pick him up he follows me around a lot but doesnt like to be picked up a lot.I would like to know if he is indeed a rag doll and if it is possible for him to be one without the owner purchasing the papers.

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Yes, it is possible he is a Ragdoll without papers. If the previous owner did not buy him from a reputable breeder with CFA or TICA breeding rights, they could have been selling the kittens for less without papers. However, I would not personally fork out $500 without proof he was a purebred. And it's odd that they would just give him away after paying so much for him. Ragdolls are usually a bit fluffier and their eyes should be deep blue.But at a year old, a Ragdoll will still grow for about another year and his coat will continue to develop for a few years. Please be sure to have annual vet exams. Ragdolls can have HCM in their lines and a "breeder" who doen't sell with papers probably also does not do the genetic health tests that they should. Not all cats follow the stereotype behavior for their breed so that's not the best way to tell his breed. Maggie is Allie's sister and we responded on your first post. Maggie is huge and is floppy and cuddly.
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