My cat just had her kittens and I have no experience in taking care of cats period. Please help.

They are all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Yes, they are very cute, but eventually they will grow up to be cats. Usually the mom does a very good job taking care of the kittens. She needs quiet and privacy. Do not let other people or pets harrass her no matter how cute the babies are. Keep her alone and let her be to raise her babies. When you find homes for them, contact a local rescue or shelter and ask for their adoption application so you know what questions to ask of people who want to adopt so you aren't fooled into giving them to people who will sell them into research or for dog-fighting bait. Keep your vet on stand-by in case their are any issues. If you don't have a vet, now is the time to find one. After the kittens are all weaned and gone, have mom spayed. Read all you can on the 'net and in books about how to take care of kittens. Become an expert--and then become a responsible cat owner by having mom spayed.
  • Alice KehmAlice Kehm LenhartsvilleMember Posts: 159
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    Here is some of the basics on taking care of a cat with kittens . 1.As long a mommy is feeding and grooming her kittens you should be fine . 2 Make sure you give mommy plenty of food and clean water as normal . She will eat more because of feeding her litter . 3 Don't place kittens in loose blankets . Give mommy a box (cardboard ) and put kittens in were where she can feed and lay with them . 4 As always keep her litter box clean . 5 Keep visitors to a min. try not to disturb mom and kittens . Also make sure there is no drafts were they are at , you don't what sick kittens . 6 When they are ready to start eating food you can make a grule of kitten food with replacement milk , remember do not use cows milk . 7 Have fun with the new kittys and good luck .
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